Wednesday 10 February 2016

A feast fit for a king at Michelangelo's, Weston-Super-Mare

Following on my last post where I talked about my stay in Weston-Super-Mare, Diane from the B&B where I stayed recommended a local Italian restaurant which was honestly the best Italian I've ever had and is worth a special mention.

Michelangelo's is located on the seafront of Weston-Super-Mare. Starters were when we were first blown away. The starters were so generously sized compared to anywhere I've ever been before, and everyone on our table was making very appreciative noises. My mozzarella, basil and tomato starter was beautifully presented on slate (I need some of these in my life!) and having hoped this would be a lighter option, was deceptively filling. Our table also tried the vegetable soup, garlic prawns, fish cakes and garlic mushrooms which was a mammoth portion presented in a huge filo basket. But hands down, the best garlic mushrooms I'd ever tasted. Slightly creamy (but not too creamy, much to my delight!), these were beautifully seasoned with herbs and wonderfully rich in garlic.

By the time our main courses appeared, we all felt a little defeated already. Particularly after two rounds of beers, plus wine. Again, everyone got stuck in, and testament to this restaurant's good food, continued to clear our plates despite being quite so full. I loved the artistic touches to the plates that were like little works of art

It was really difficult choosing just one main course - I saw so many amazing things I would have loved to try. However I was intrigued by the very special sounding mixed fish grill on the specials menu. I bit the bullet and ordered it, knowing full well that it was a "limited edition" dish and probably wouldn't be there should I visit again. And oh my goodness. I really under-estimated quite how big it would be...

No this wasn't a sharing platter. This was a one person meal. This consisted of; swordfish, salmon, sea bass. tuna steak, two scallops, langoustine, monkfish, and accompanying roasted potatoes and salad (the latter two I really couldn't do justice to!). My highlights; the sea bass (melted in your mouth), the swordfish (beautifully seasoned), the monkfish (wonderfully cooked) and the langoustine (had a lovely smoked, charred quality to it). I got through more of it then I thought I would, but had to leave the majority of my tuna and salmon, and a small bit of the swordfish. The staff did very kindly package the fish up for me in a takeaway container, so I could finish up the next day. I was too full for dessert, but everyone else had one (again, a testament to how good the food was!). We loved this quote on their dessert menu:

I sat and finished my wine, and then finished up on a hot drink whilst every waiter and waitress there gathered around to sing happy birthday to my sister who totally enjoyed being serenaded by all the lovely Italian men ;)

Atmosphere wise, Michaelangelo's was friendly, welcoming and we could hear each other talk (something very important to me when going out to eat!) We were placed on a table against a wall, this wall depicting part of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. However being on one side of the room, our table sat alongside the part featuring a very large man with abs and nips that we couldn't take our eyes off of, and for some our party, their hands off as below!

In summary, I loved my first visit to Michaelangelo's and next time I'm in that neck of the woods, I'll definitely have to make a cheeky pit stop there! They received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and I can fully understand why! If you're ever in Bristol or Weston-Super-Mare (or nearby to either of these places), do head on over for what will be a very special meal indeed.

Il Michaelangelo
50A Knightstone Road
BS23 2BE

This review was written of my own accord and isn't prompted by sponsorship or any form of incentive from the restaurant. Words and love of Italian food all my own!

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