Wednesday 1 June 2016

The evening of evenings: Whiskey, wine, burgers, gaming and live music

When an email popped into my inbox asking me if I'd like to see some live music one night with some nibbles and whiskey cocktails thrown into the mix, it was a no brainer. I brought my bestie from school - Valentina -  along with me, and we arrived at West Hampstead 6 o'clock sharp for the event.

We were welcomed with whiskey cocktails and a finger food buffet (the best kind of food!). The sliders were epic - rather than being tiny little things that left you hungry, they were decently sized and juicy and flavoursome.

Before settling down with our drinks, we had a look around the Jimmi Hendrix expo that had been set up in tribute, and played Jimmi Hendrix themed games on the various game consoles bgo had rigged up in the room. With the highest scorer of the night to earn a prize, it quickly became very competitive and we gave it our best shot though the course of the night!

Later that evening, various acts performed Jimmi Hendrix classics, as well as their own material. I love going to gigs and discovering new bands. I don't do it enough, and this event made me realise that I really want to go to more in the future. And in true Where's Wally / Where's Waldo style, can you spot us both in the below picture?

We sat chilling with our wine. And oh wow. that whisky was strong. 

After the final chord was played, the results of the competitions that night were announced. Turns out Valentina won the highest score with her very first game! She received a trophy in the form of a mini guitar which she was chuffed to bits with

Luckily with the event being in our neck of the woods, we didn't have far to go afterwards. We were hooked up with mics and interviewed on camera, had some last minute photos with the acts, then waved goodbye and piled into Val's car.

Thanks so much for BGO for organising such a lovely evening and for inviting me along for the ride!


  1. Looks like a great night! Gemma x

  2. Thanks Gemma! It was great to have the chance to listen to such extraordinary musical talent! x


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