Saturday 15 July 2017

The perfect summer picnic with Tesco

For someone who regularly shops with Tesco, I can't fault them. The other day I received the cutest little box from them. Designed in the style of a picnic basket, I opened it to reveal a red gingham print interior and very me treats.

I'm curious if Tesco looked at my purchase history and that dictated what they chose. Because my online shop does mostly consist of juice, squash, olives and cheese! (plus I love falafel). So these selections were spot on. It's been so manic lately, so it was really nice to take some time out, sit in the sun, and do nothing. And what a lovely day it was to go for a picnic. It was the sort of heat where you don't want a huge meal and all you want to do is snack. So these tapas style treats from Tesco were a good shout.

Tesco mixed olives & cheddar cheese*
I'd never had a tapas style olive pack with cheddar before. Usually I find shops tend to package olives with feta or mozzarella as these are all very salty foods that complement each other well. Cheddar is a slighter harder cheese which has a strong flavour if you go for an extra mature, but doesn't quite have the same saltiness as say a feta or mozzarella. However I was surprised to find that it did go well with olives. Green olives aren't my favourites as I find them too salty. I usually prefer them cooked into a meal or bread rather than standalone. However the cheddar here helped to tone these down which is why I think these were the first green olives that I have actually liked snacking on as is.

Tesco chickpea, onion and broad bean falafel*
Falafel I only discovered about a year ago (massively late to the game!). If faced with a shelf of different falafel varieties, I wouldn't usually pick a broad bean one - but I am so happy I got to try these as I adored these. These were by far my favourite thing in the box that Tesco sent and I will definitely be ordering these again!

Robinsons Raspberry and Apple flavoured water*
I have never really been into flavoured waters. I would usually buy squash and do it myself, or have water as is. Because at least with squash you can dictate how strong it is (I prefer super strong over weak!). This Robinsons flavoured water was a bit of surprise to me. It was the first flavoured water that I didn't dislike. On the initial sip I found it quite artificial tasting and super sweet, but as I drank more of it, I become accustomed to the taste. I couldn't taste raspberries or apples as such, but it was fruity, pleasant and refreshing on such a balmy, hot day. Thumbs up from me!

Thank you to the lovely people at Tesco for the picnic treats and for a making a bright, sunny day even sunnier!

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