Thursday 23 August 2018

The most rawrsome of t-shirts

Guess who's back at it again with the white vans amazingly imaginative blog post titles...THIS GIRL

Let's shake things up a bit.

Long time readers will know that I love fashion. And talking about it. And wearing it by virtue of  weird poses on this blog. Case in point here 

But today I'm talking MENS FASHION.

The lovely people at Jacamo got in touch asking if I'd like to treat the man in my life to a new look from their SS18 collection. Mr Curiouser and Curiouser isn't much of a shopper but I do think that he secretly quite enjoyed picking out some new bits from the Jacamo website. And having a parcel arrive for him and not me for a change. So here he is in action.

Jurassic Park tee here

First of all he chose this Jurassic Park tee as we're both huge fans of the films (no word of a lie: I could quite easily watch the films most weekends... that soundtrack though).

Walking through the woods, the park, and the long grass, it felt like a perfectly apt choice. Occasionally there was a rustle from a nearby bush and you know that feeling you get that you are being watched? Well, yes we were. But admittedly less raptor and more squirrel.

And what better shorts to walk around "Jurassic" park in then cargo shorts? This coming from a guy who loves his pockets (if the shorts or jeans in question don't have pockets, he's not interested). Forever wearing khaki shorts, he opted for a smarter black pair which received two thumbs up for pocket capacity.

Cargo shorts here (currently in the sale and also available in blue, khaki, navy & rust)

Lastly, he also chose this Jack Daniels tee as a throwback to our first ever holiday together where he used to have a shirt like this and locals would constantly be heckling him with novelties like: "JACK! Where are you going?" and "JACK! How's the whiskey?" Years on, and he can still rock a Jack Daniels t-shirt like a boss (admittedly I'm extremely biased).

Jack Daniel's tee here 

I always thought Jacamo only catered to the larger gentleman, however this whole experience taught me that this isn't the case at all! Jacamo stocks a wealth of sizes ranging from S to 5XL which was perfect for M. as his torso is what you'd call a pizza slice (broad shoulders, muscly arms and slim waist) so he had a good selection to choose from despite being of a slimmer build. He did say it was refreshing to have some t-shirts which weren't crazily slim fit and which offered some space so he wasn't 'hulk-ing' out of them. Particularly in this heatwave we've been having lately.

Both t-shirts featured above are standard fit, but the Jurassic Park tee also comes in long if you are of taller stature and need the extra length. I will officially be borrowing both of Sir's new t-shirts because caring is sharing, right? ;)

A huge thank to you Jacamo for making my partner look like a rock star. And thank you to Mr Curiouser and Curiouser for being such a good sport and modelling for me! ;)

* items in this post very kindly gifted by Jacamo. As ever, all words and opinions are my own

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