Tuesday 18 December 2018

Gift guide // something special for the girl boss in your life

Everyone has that scruffy but highly comfortable pair of tracksuit bottoms and / or hoody that you wear for lounging around the house in. The ones you'd rather the postman didn't see you in but they do because a little thing called Life loves to embarrass you. The sorts of things you should throw out but you can't bring yourself to because OH SO COMFORTABLE. In today's gift guide, I am proposing the gift of all the gifts for your favourite girls: the SAVE YO' ASS PYJAMAS.

They're sleek. They're luxurious. They're presentable. They are not greying, bunching in an unflattering way on your person, or falling apart. So throw out your pair of past it lounge pants / trousers, and get yourself a pair of these bad boys!

Night dress

Muted yellow set available as shorts, a trouser set or dress 


Because they're perfect for:

  • answering the door to the postman / courier with YET ANOTHER ASOS PARCEL
  • girly sleepovers
  • sleepovers of the adult variety
  • at home yoga and meditation because THEY LOOSE AND COMFY AS
  • Trips away
  • Hen party over-nighters
  • Your wedding day
  • Christmas morning / other family gatherings where you want to look put together
  • Nipping to the shops
  • Working from home
  • New Year, New you
  • Answering the door to Just Eat / Deliveroo / Uber Eats

The possibilities are endless. I'd even leave the house in one of the tops over a pair of jeans as the prints really are that pretty. And they're not too "pyjama" if you catch my drift.


The brand in question is Nightire - which I'm guessing is a play on words between "night" and "attire" (clever).  Launched about a year ago, all designs are the genius of founder Nina Clark and aren't they beautiful? Nightire is all about striving towards a good night's sleep. The pyjamas are made of 100% organic bamboo so they're soft to the touch and temperature regulating, all to help encourage a great night's sleep. All sets allegedly have a loose, comfortable fit without any pesky straps, buttons or elastics to dig into you whilst you're sleeping / lounging around eating pizza under blankets on the sofa.

The collection is perfect for all tastes with a trio of designs to choose from. Candy pink stripes for girly girls, muted yellows for those who like to be different, and a stand out bold blue print. All three designs are available as shorts, trouser sets or night dresses.

Pajama shorts set

Night dress

If you need a last minute gift idea for the girl boss (or girl bosses!) in your life, you know where to go. Nightire makes for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift as I've heard that the boxes are bespoke and really cute (reportedly there is a sneak peak window so your favourite ladies can catch a glimpse of what you've treated them to!). Nightire also offer a monogramming service - great for hen parties, weddings or simply creating a personalised touch for a loved one.


If you fancy having a browse for either yourself or your favourite ladies, head on over to the website here or head over to their Instagram here for non model pics and a true sense of fit.


There is free standard UK shipping which takes roughly 3-5 working days (just about enough time for Christmas if you hurry!) but if you need your items quicker, there is an express delivery option. Nightire also ship to the US, Europe and several other destinations.


I couldn't end this piece without a discount code could I? There is currently 20% off all nightdresses so enter promo code HOLIDAZE here for 20% off


Please note this feature is not sponsored or compensated in any shape or form - I am just a long time admirer of Nightire and wanted to share the love!

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