Wednesday 12 June 2019

Future plans for our hallway // a hallway mood board

The hallway is often overlooked when it comes to home improvements, however it is every bit as important as any other room in the house. The hallway - whether yours or someone elses - marks your first impression of a property. You want it to be a nice welcoming space for visitors and a place where you can return home and instantly unwind from the stresses of the day. I'm impatient AF to give our hallway a makeover, but the sensible person in me recognises the amount of dust that will engulf the house if extension / new kitchen / new bathroom projects roll out as planned. So hallway plans are temporarily on hold, but until that day I can dream, right?


The hallway is pretty generous, meaning that when we have guests over, people don't need to walk in single file to enter or exit the property (always a bonus). The space itself is light and airy - mostly due to the front door with its huge panes of glass which allow plenty of light in, as well as the white walls which bounce the light around. The carpet however has seen better days (the less on that the better).


Those wonderful white walls I spoke of are covered in textured wallpaper and removing said wallpaper fills me with dread. Why? Because 89% of the time textured wallpaper are a strategic play to hide problem walls lurking underneath. So I'm fully expecting the worst. And the front door, although great for letting light, is old school and could really do with replacing.


I'm looking to create a calming space with muted colours (so a total contrast to our dark lounge!) and this is the sort of mood board I'm looking to work to

Walls - I'm after something neutral and calming on the walls, almost a biscuit sort of shade. My chosen wall paint is Farrow & Ball's Peignoir, a light pink shade with grey tones. This pairs beautifully with a soft grey which leads me on nicely to flooring...

Flooring - I'm after soft grey flooring with added interest - which is when the idea evolved to patterned flooring. I'm thinking either this soft grey Hexagon carpet for the entirety of the hallway and stairs, or these beautiful grey patterned floor tiles by the front door (probably more practical for muddy boots!) accompanied by a plain soft grey carpet running up the stairs.

Stairs - our wooden stair railings and banisters are rickety and well overdue replacing. However to keep costs down, it's more likely that these will be sanded down and re-painted white to give them a new lease of life.

Front door - not pictured here, but I'm itching to change our front door to something a little more modern. I'm thinking black or grey with silver hardware for future proofing as both of these would complement a wealth of wall colours (should these change in the future!)

Console table - this needs to be quite slimline so as not to block the light from the front door, or more importantly, access to the stairs. I quite like the idea of having drawers so incoming mail can go in one and outgoing mail can go in the other. Whilst I think a mirrored console table could look very swanky against the pink walls, a white or grey table is probably wiser for a future proofing point of view. Current favourites include this chest of drawers (not a traditional console table but hey) or else a table with a shelf like the one pictured above. I love the idea of a shelf with baskets like these, to stow away shoes, the childrens' book bags and toys (again, future proofing!) and any other clutter.

Accessories - I wouldn't want to clutter the hallway with too much stuff, but essentials would include a slimline table lamp (or fairy lights) to create atmosphere at night, coat hooks to match my silver theme (these are a strong contender) and a statement mirror a little like this one to bounce the light around (I also love arch mirrors that look like windows). And "nice to have" accessories would include a reed diffuser (fig is my favourite!) for a nicely scented hallway, a statement vase to display freshly cut flowers from the garden, a quirky print propped against the wall, and if space, a curios or statement ornament

Which items are your favourites?

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