Wednesday 5 June 2019

The perfect Father's Day gift with Moonpig

I was very kindly invited to a blogger event in Edinburgh with Moonpig earlier in May, but the timing wasn't right what with my Dad's health, so I had to decline. When the lovely people at Moonpig got in touch after the event and asked if I'd like to review a product from their Father's Day range, I was really touched.

Moonpig is an online treasure trove where you can order personalised cards and gifts to send domestically or internationally (I in fact ordered and sent Moonpig cards when I lived and worked abroad in France!). I knew they sold cards and gifts like chocolates and flowers, but what I didn't realise is that they stock many other gifts like hampers, alcohol, beauty and home gifts, and experience days. Who knew? Just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend I received the loveliest of hampers:

The hamper in question came in a lovely dark brown basket and excited the cats every bit as much as me

You know how in some hampers there is always that one item with ingredients you don't like, and your friends and family don't like? Not the case here! What I liked most about this hamper is that it doesn't contain anything obscure or really out there. What does said hamper contain you ask?

Vanilla fudge - my Dad's absolute favourite
English Breakfast Tea - how cute is the packaging?
Oak cakes - my Dad instilled his love of cheese and biscuits onto me (I owe him big time)
Marmalade - not just any marmalade. Orange, lemon and WHISKY marmalade <3
Shortbread - not just any shortbread, but clotted cream shortbread (another one of Dad's favourites!)
Chocolates - Only the best. Trust me, Lily O'Briens are AMAZING

I will be dividing up items from the hamper for both my Dad and Mr Curiouser and Curiouser's Dad this coming Father's Day. Which actually works out really well seeing as one loves chocolate and tea, whereas the other is more fudge and cheese and biscuits orientated. SORTED.

If you fancy having a nose at Moonpig's full range of Father's Day gifts, you can do so here. There is a vast array of different hampers so there is really something for everyone! Perfect for if your Dad gravitates towards a very specific food 'theme' like cheese / beer / chocolate / coffee. Thanks once again to Moonpig for thinking of me (here's hoping I'll be able to make the next event!)

* hamper very kindly supplied by Moonpig but words and love of hampers all my own!

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