Thursday 12 September 2019

Dreamy interiors and Paris feels at Cote Brasserie

Whenever I'm not in Paris and I want that taste of a French bistro with a rather large glass of red wine (because when in Rome France), Cote Brasserie is my go to.

As delicious as the food is, every visit I'm equally taken by the interiors (I'm talking deep plum seating and marble table tops against the dreamiest of black and white patterned floor tiles - and don't get me started on the bathroom with its beautiful mint / pistachio metro tiles!)

At Cote you can order from the à la carte menu or there is a series of lunch / early evening menus (12-7pm on Mondays-Fridays only) which often allow you to get two dishes for less than the cost of one of the pricier options from the à la carte menu. For the standard lunch / early evening menu, you can expect the below price points:

£11.50 for 2 courses
£13.95 for 3 courses

However if you upgrade to their "prestige" menu, this comes up a few pounds extra:

£15.95 for 2 courses
£18.95 for 3 courses

The main difference? Little things like the cuts of meat. For instance if you go "prestige" the steak will be a sirloin or rib-eye, whereas on the cheaper menu, it will be a much thinner steak. So if like me, you appreciate a good medium rare steak, upgrading is definitely worth it.

This time around we opted for the calamari and the melon and ham to start. I'm not the biggest fan of cured meats (although I will make an exception for chorizo) however the melon was beautiful and one of the best I've ever had.

The calamari I have already been raving on my Instagram. Squid and octopus is so easy to get wrong if you under / over cook it as it becomes all tough and chewy. This was the softest, melt-in-the-mouth calamari I've ever had. And such a generous portion size too (I was only expecting about 5-6 rings if I'm honest with you!).

On this visit we opted for a Cote du Rhone which was beautifully smooth and full bodied. 

For the main event I couldn't resist a steak as the red wine was begging for one. Admittedly the steak was a little more on the rare side than I'd usually have (true likeness to Paris cooking right there!) but it was juicy and buttery soft, so this didn't bother me. As much as I love Cote Brasserie's stews like their autumn / winter boeuf bourguignon (highly recommended), their steaks are out of this world good (the searing is always spot on!)

There were some pretty enticing chocolate options on the dessert menu, but after a starter AND a main, I was done for.  But there's always next time, eh?

Cote Brasserie is located all over the UK
You can find your nearest branch and / or menu here

We paid for our meal ourselves but I just wanted to share the love! #NotAnAd

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