Wednesday 25 September 2019

INTERIORS // the affordable alternative to THAT House of Hackney lamp (thanks Asda!)

Introducing the House of Hackney cheetah lamp of dreams. Something I have been fantasising about having in my home for a little longer than is normal. The caveat? The cost (isn't it always?)

The lamp base alone is an eye watering £645, whereas if you want one of their jazzy tasselled lampshades too, you'd be looking at £1,020.  I initially wanted two of them - one for each bedside table - but multiply the above by two and feel free to audibly wince like I did. I mean, WHAT

That idea quickly went out the window, but being the obsessive that I am, it never fully left my mind.
Imagine my joy when I discovered this George at Asda lookalike (granted, a bronze version).

At just £35, this is more of a price I can justify.

Sometimes gold / bronze can look a bit a naff if the quality's not right, so I'm waiting to see this in person in my local store (although saying that, reviews on the product page of the Asda website have all been promising so far!).

I'm also a huge fan of the Abigail Ahern flocked animal lamps (as seen here) which come in at £95 a pop. I haven't yet seen a cat lamp, but I'm holding out hope. Until then, how cute is this dog lamp? <3

Do you like a statement lamp as much as I do?

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