Friday 12 June 2020

11 things filling my ASOS basket lately

Broderie collar shirt (currently in the sale here) // Wine broderie dress (also in sale here) // Pink knit (also in sale here)
White dobby dress here // Khaki tie waist linen shorts here // White dobby shirt here

White broderie collar shirt

I've been toying with this shirt for the longest time but is it too extra? Turns out it's not. The balloon sleeves help balance out the wide shoulders brought on by the collar. My only slight criticism is that the body of the shirt is just way too big. Tucking the shirt in seems to help with this but I have re-ordered in a smaller size to see if a smaller size is the play here.

Another broderie collar shirt

From one broderie collar shirt to another (not pictured but you can find here) however this one is a little more low key with short sleeves and more of a normal fit. I can imagine it looking lovely peeking out from under a chunky knit.

Broderie dress

Most broderie dresses are white, long and free flowing, so I really liked this shorter version in this gorgeous wine colour with a square neckline. The dress is every bit as lovely in person and looked great on, however this enthusiasm quickly waned once I noticed a questionable crispy white stain on the front of the dress (there are no words).

White dobby shirt

I have an obsession with anything dobby and while white can be a bit of a soul less colour - particularly in interiors - this raised texture gives it an added dimension and interest. The good news? Dobby textures are starting to appear everywhere. Light boho inspired curtains and table cloths. Bedding (I have been longing over this bedding plus this). And of course clothing. I already have two white dobby shirts so why the need for a third? Because they are timeless and by far one of the most used things in my wardrobe. Perfect for a day at the office, worn casually with shorts, or as a beach cover up.

White dobby dress

Another dobby inspired find (can you tell that I'm obsessed?). It felt a little too restrictive (and conservative) when buttoned to the top. I actually preferred the dress worn back to front with the buttons behind me - is that weird?

Pink bobble knit jumper

A very similar concept in terms of that lovely raised detail to run your hands over, whilst at the same time adhering to my new found love of the colour pink as touched upon here. This sweater just looked so slouchy and comfortable and I imagined it looking amazing with one of the above broderie collar shirts worn underneath. In person it is slouchy and comfortable as well as being softer than I ever imagined. Definitely a keeper.

Tie waist shorts

I'm a big fan of khaki and high waisted trousers / skirts / shorts so these ticked many boxes. I love how ASOS have paired them with a white shirt which is exactly how I would style them and has me thinking back to that white dobby shirt (damnit).

Tie ankle espadrilles (currently in the sale here) // Leaf print shirt here
Leaf print shorts here // Vero Moda cut out sandals here

Tie ankle espadrilles

Ankle tie espadrilles are taking the world by storm. It can be tricky to find the perfect heel - not too high, not too low - but these fit the bill perfectly. And let me tell you now, these shoes go with everything and I will treasure for years to come. A huge thank you to Josie who first brought these to my attention through her amazing #ootd posts!

Grey cut out flats

I'm getting old and I just can't deal with heels any more. They ruin your feet and I just don't have the patience for them any more. I love a bit of grey and I thought the cut out detailing of these sandals was a bit more interesting than say a traditional sandal. What I've been impressed with is how incredibly comfortable they are due to the padding underfoot.

Patterned shirt and shorts

First things first. This isn't leaf print like they claim. It's more like jungle print or tree print, but trees do have leaves so I'll allow it. Introducing the weirdest fit ever. The shorts are very close fitting (I prefer shorts to have a little more give in them) whereas the shirt is stupid big. I actually had to return the UK size 8 and reorder in a UK size 6. And even that was huge. So if you order for yourself I'd recommend sizing up on the shorts and sizing down for the top. It's quite a jazzy coord set for something that is designed for everyday use (something that I can't get my head around). I ordered primarily to use as pyjamas as I love pyjama shirt / shorts combos and you can't usually find them in such interesting prints, however I will be returning due to the weird sizing. Had the shirt been a normal fit, it would have been a completely different story.

Which items are your favourites?


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