Friday 10 July 2020

Interiors trends I don't get // Pink and green

I like pink. I like green. I just don't always love them together. And turns out I'm not alone. 

On UK interiors show Best House In Town, a highly commended house which was ticking all the right boxes hit a stumbling block once the judges entered the master bedroom and came face to face with bright green walls paired with light pink bed linen. They were lost for words. And not in a good way. 

For me personally, not all greens work with pink, but I find that there are exceptions to the rule. 


1) A deep green with blue tones so that it's veering on a teal or a dark inky blue. This sort of green works amazingly with pink whether its a soft pink or a bold look-at-me number. 

2) pink paired with greenery in the form of plants. For me that works. Maybe because it's reflective of what you would see in nature. Green grass. Green moss. Largely green flower beds. Pink roses. Pink hydrangeas. Pink peonies.

3) A backdrop which features other colours rather than just the one shade of pink or green. For example a leaf print wallpaper with a white background to it. An entirely green foliage wallpaper can work here too as long as there are several hues of green to make it multi-dimensional (case in point below). Or pair white walls with green and pink furniture or soft furnishings to make those pops of colour sing.


Pair the wrong pink with the wrong green, and you'll soon see how these interiors don't quite work on the same level...

See the difference?

In other news, I have typed 'green' so much that the spelling now looks wrong to me 
.... don't you just hate it when that happens?

What are your thoughts on pink and green interiors?

All images Pinterest (original source unknown). If any of these images are yours, please reach out to me so I can fully credit you!

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