Wednesday 5 December 2012

#3 Life as we know it...

Part 2 of my Barcelona trip is coming soon I promise! Apologies, my absence lately has been DISGRACEFUL. But whilst I haven't had a spare moment to shift through Barcelona pics, I wanted to post SOMETHING. Mainly to prove that I'm still alive. Here's what I've been up to lately:

  • Travelling here, there and everywhere. I'm staying in three different hotels this week so I should hopefully have some hotels reviews up on here soon!

  • Checking out various different Christmas markets. I went to Winchester last weekend but it was so packed, it wasn't the most enjoyable of experiences. Plus finding a parking space in the Park & Ride was an absolute nightmare. Not what you want after driving two hours straight.

  •  I have been involved with an international Bloggers Secret Santa which I'd love to do again next year. My lil box of goodies is UK bound though so I have it easy! ;)

  • Taking full advantage of the recent 20% off Urban Outfitters event. I was hoping to get a lot of Christmas presents from there but ended up buying things for myself... FAIL

Magic Carpet Skirt / £35 / £28

Baroque cardigan / £48 / £38.40

Studded sleeve sweater / £55 / £44

Rob Ryan cushion / £40 / £32

  • Tonight I'm off to an Awards do. I had no idea what to wear so have just opted for a LBD and heels. I'm hoping I deal with the paparazzi on the red carpet better this year - last year I was a deer in headlights!

  • Later in the week I'm off to a James Bond formal so I get to dress up as a Bond girl. I expect to be sipping many a Martini and hearing "my name's Bond. James Bond" WAY too much. It could get annoying.

  • And next week.... I'm off to Paris!

So yeah.... it's been a busy few weeks!

What have you lovely lot been up to recently?


  1. What is your life!! You appear to be living the dream! Meanwhile I'm in bed reading blogs when I should be writing an essay :o Have an amazing week and a great time in Paris x

    1. Thanks Jade! It's been crazy busy lately... I'd love to be snuggled up in bed right about now! Seriously sleep deprived... not sure how I'm going to be still standing tonight! x x

  2. It sounds like you are having a blast traveling around Europe!
    Looking forward to seeing round 2 of pictures.

    I am new to the blogging world and would love it if you followed me - I of course will (and already have) follow as well.

    Keep it up:)

    Kristin Dee

    1. Thanks Kristen! I've been UK based the last few weeks, but looking forward to escaping to Paris next week :)

      Going to check out your blog in a mo x x

  3. Very jealous you've been travelling so much...all sounds very exciting! That cushion is so cute. I loved the Rob Ryan Tesco carrier bags haha xxx

    1. Did he design carrier bags for Tesco?! Are they still about? Jeez, I must walk around with my eyes closed! x x

  4. How exciting. Have fun on your trip, and keep us posted with pictures!!

    Glad I came across your blog, I love it. I'm now your newest follower on my greader. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! My latest instalment of Barcelona pics are in the process of being uploaded now :) x x


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