Monday 19 August 2013

Savil Court Hotel - Caribbean event

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to a Caribbean themed event that Savil Court Hotel were hosting. Upon entering, we were welcomed with a drink - wine or a selection of beers - and were presented with a lei garland (girls) or straw hat (guys). We were also welcomed with a steel band who were playing a lot of Daft Punk: 

It was very Caribbean inspired with sand, a surf board balance challenge (set up like a rodeo bull), a variety of funfair / seaside type games, a steel band, a few arcade games and games consoles rigged up, hula dance classes, and.... pick 'n' mix.

What really captured my attention was the food. They presented us with a Caribbean BBQ with wonders like mountain goat curry, sweet potato and plantain:

I planned on going back for seconds, but they offered such generous portions, there was no need:

I'd never tried goat before, but it was actually a very tasty meat and it contrasted nicely with the sweetness of the plantain and sweet potato. My favourites however were the fish curry - which melted in your mouth - and the vegetable fritters. For dessert, we had half a mini pineapple each which was filled with exotic fruits and clotted cream ice cream:

After we ate, we indulged in pick 'n' mix and explored the grounds, following moss covered paths:

What I wore:

My new Zara cami and skorts, black court heels, and an oversized chunky knit to keep the chill off. Plus my yellow lei of course!

Thanks to Savil Court Hotel & Spa for hosting this event [food and drink complimentary but travel paid for myself]


  1. The food and pick'n'mix look incredible! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  2. This looks like so much fun! The food sounds delish too xxx

    1. Thanks Josie! :) It was a day off work well spent! x x

  3. What a wonderful (and very unique!) event :) I love your nails xx

    1. Thanking you! I'm a big fan of the crackle effect ones! :) x x

  4. Pick and Mix is always a great shout! The fountain of king prawns look amazing! Mario Kart is a crowd pleaser as well xxx

  5. what a fun event! great way to experience other cultures.


  6. OMG!! what a fun event! i don't think i've ever had carribean food before but that sounds delicious! i LOVEEE LOVE curry! your food looks so yummy!


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