Wednesday 2 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend

The other weekend Alison and I headed to London Fashion Weekend. Everywhere you turned you saw fashionistas in towering heels, people eyeing up other people's outfits, and people posing for street style photos. I won't lie, I experienced wardrobe envy numerous times. To start, we wandered around Somerset House where you could shop the designer collections for discounted prices, and buy various other products like cosmetics and hair and beauty treatments. Shoes & Bags was my own personal mecca. I still to this day need the suede tan ankle boots in my life.

and also these white cut out ankle boots....

Check out these head turning brogues....

We had a little bit of a gap before our catwalk session so made use of Canon's 360 degree studio. The queue was long but it was worth it! When it was your turn, you had to create a dynamic pose - like jumping in the air, a spin, or hair swish - so that it was caught in 360 degree photographic wonderfulness. Being in a short pleated skirt, I decided against spinning so we went for the default that lots of people decided to do.... pretend to be in some sort of action movie and look like you're sending someone flying! Afterwards they took your details and emailed you the 360 degree "video" plus all individual frames. All this for free! Here's a taste of one of our frames:

We went to the last catwalk show of the day - and season. What's nice about London Fashion Weekend is that compared to LFW there's no seats allocated for the catwalk. So we very luckily were able to get seats in the second row. There were two shows to choose from - "designer" or "trend" - but I'd really recommend "trend" over "designer". With "designer", you are seeing one designer - and you have no idea who - within the space of 15-20 minutes. For "trend", it's a 40 minute showcase of various new season trends.

Our trends were "Pretty In Pink" "Back To Nature", "Shape Up" and "Victoriana". All the models walked quite quickly and it was extremely bright in there - wish I'd brought my lens hood - so unfortunately none of my photos came out very well......

My favourite collections were Back To Nature and Victoriana. I loved the neutral shades, fur trim, lace detailing and monochrome pieces the most. After an amazing show we left laden with all our London Fashion Weekend freebies - two bags worth! In one bag we received a free make-up set from Maybelline:

In the main goodie bag itself we had tea, collagen boosting sweets, coffee, Maybelline lipstick, Maybelline nail polish, Maybelline mascara, and dry shampoo. And with Elle being one of the main sponsors, I picked up the latest edition for a mere £1. Bargain.

Have you ever been to London Fashion Weekend?

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