Tuesday 7 October 2014

Cabana Brazilian BBQ

Weekends for me need to have the right balance between going out and staying in. But regardless of what my plans are, food will always play a big part. Last weekend I headed to Cabana, a restaurant specialising in Brazilian barbecue. After browsing through the extensive menu, we opted for the pulled pork sliders and feijoada.

Feijoada is a black bean stew that contains pulled pork, sausage and slow cooked rib meat, and came with biro-biro rice too. No, nothing to do with pens! This is actually rice mixed with garlic, shallots, spring onions and herbs.

Words cannot express how good this dish was! The meat in the stew was so tender - it just melted in your mouth. The rice was something I probably wouldn't usually try - especially when sweet potato fries are on offer! - but it was really tasty and something I'd definitely have again. The dish also came with lemon and herb breadcrumbs and little chip sticks which were great sprinkled on top of everything to give it a little more texture. This was autumn / winter comfort food at its best.

The pulled pork sliders are best described as cheesy little dough balls stuffed with shredded pork. I was a little tentative as I'm not really into hugely cheesy dishes, but the cheese balance was just right. I thought the slider would be mainly dough with a shortage of meat. Wrong! The pulled pork was so generous, it spilled out of the dough onto the plate in the most satisfying of ways.

We also enjoyed Old Mout lime and kiwi cider and a Red Tail Parrot cocktail (strawberry and passion fruit topped with prosecco).

I cannot fault the service. The staff were friendly and always around - you were never left waiting. Inside, the decor was quirty with denim seating, colourful kites and tiles, and hanging plants.

When you get the bill, you get these little ribbons which you are supposed to knot a certain number of times around your wrist. I forget the story behind this (something to do with rivers and wishes??) but the number of knots is apparently significant!

If you haven't been already then what are you waiting for?! Both Westfields in London have a Cabana and I stumbled across one in Covent Garden the other day. I have a feeling I'll be back very soon...

Have you ever been to Cabana?


  1. if there's one in westfield i am there! this looks delicious xx

    1. Definitely one at the White City / Shepherd's Bush Westfield - not sure about Stratford though? x

  2. I so wanna go here! I love pulled pork, this looks so delish x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. My rule of thumb: if a menu has pulled pork... I'm there! x


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