Tuesday 14 April 2015

Anthropologie // Alice in Wonderland

Long time readers will know all about my fascination with all things Alice in Wonderland. The shocking reality is that I no longer have my own copy of the book. I've been searching for years for my perfect book but to no avail. On one hand, I've been after a modern ish copy with a nice cover - one that I wouldn't be afraid to pick up and actually read - but on the other hand, perhaps an older copy, preferably with an aged leather cover. The latter I half expect to find by surprise one day tucked away in a old fashioned book store. This search has spanned years. However recently I noticed that Anthropologie were selling Penguin Classics with beautiful covers and was honestly so excited to find Alice in Wonderland in this design:

Anthropologie - £9.99

If you remove the jacket, the book underneath is just as nice. Plain white with silver lettering, it's simple and classic - just like the story itself.

The book itself has that lovely new book smell (you know the one). The pages are all higgledy piggledy, meaning that if you close the book and then look at the pages, rather than forming a uniform line, some of the pages stick out more than others. The pages themselves also have an amazing texture - sort of rough, like that of an older book. The pages add a rustic charm to the book - like it is a classic book restored and given a modern lease of life. And as I was on the quest for both a modern ish copy and an old fashioned one, it's like both these things have been rolled into one book.

And the last compliment... the illustrations. The book actually uses the classic Alice in Wonderland illustrations - the ones you will see on most Alice in Wonderland merchandise. You may even recognise the below example:

As well as the universally known, there are lots of illustrations I've never seen before. My favourites are of the weird and wonderful creatures she encounters:

It's a beautiful edition of the text, so if you or anyone you know likes Alice in Wonderland, it would make a lovely gift. Anthropologie also stock beautiful editions of other classics like Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics), A Little Princess, Anne of Green Gables and Heidi (Puffin Classics). For me personally, the classics never get old - but then I am a massive bookworm!


  1. I adore this - so beautiful! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books too and I have such a weakness for pretty covers x


  2. This is gorgeous! I love these new covers for old classics, so lovely. I have a copy of Alice In Wonderland from 1963, it was given to my mum when she was born. It's quite delicate now but very treasured! It has the original illustrations in them which terrified me when I was little (I think Alice is quite scary looking!) but I love them now x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Oh wow, that sounds like such an amazing copy! Definitely one to treasure for years to come! x

  4. It's a great coffee table book and also really stands out from the rest of my books on my book case! :) x


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