Tuesday 21 April 2015

Do more of what makes you happy

If I asked you to look at the below images and guess the high street retailer, what would you say?
I'll give you a clue: they are a UK based fashion and homeware retailer, first founded in 1985.
Grey fleece throw - £20  //   Hanging heart planter - £15  //  Lantern - £15  //  Lavender plant - £8
Cushion - £8  //   Floral mug - £3  //  Birdcage lantern - £15  //  Glass lantern - £18  //  Owl plate - £6
Crochet jumper - £28  //  Camel A-line skirt - £14 £9

So what did you guess? Would you believe me if I revealed that you've been looking at items from... Matalan?

My family and I have shopped at Matalan ever since I was little. They are a company that has both earned and kept my respect over the years as they have never strayed from one very notable value: great quality but at the most astonishing of prices. Excellent value for money, most of their items look like they cost more than they actually do. The above clothing could easily pass as Topshop right?? That camel skirt though...


  1. I was looking at their glassware the other day and I love the Jeremiah Weed type jam jars with handles that they do! x

  2. Definitely always worth a look at Matalan - such a strong homeware collection! x


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