Thursday, 31 March 2011


Blogs can make the simplest of garments highly sought after when your favourite blogger features it and shows you The Way to wear it. Cue a mad dash to Topshop / Primark / wherever it is to locate said item. It can then go one of two ways:

1. You’re not the only one lusting over it – hence this item has now sold out *boo!*

2. You give in to temptation, find it and buy it, feeling very pleased with yourself. That is until the next time you’re out - wearing it - and you spot your twin on the bus. And on the train. And in Starbucks. And you find many more clones around town. Gorgeous high street clothing? Yes. Unique with your own sense of identity? No.

If you truly want to be unique and own a one-of-a-kind garment that is unlikely to be seen all over the place, try the vintage section at Click on whatever takes your fancy and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find “ONLY 1 IN STOCK!” on display.

You can click “add to bag” and be rest assured that you won’t see many dresses / jumpers like these around. And usually at around £30 a pop, these are prices that won’t have you filing for bankruptcy. Chunky knits from certain high street stores can be £10-15 more expensive at least. You are essentially paying extra money to look like everyone else. Visit Yayer today and pay less for something a little more unique.

Although there are many other rival websites and LookBooks out there, Yayer has a LookBook that holds its own. Despite the busy backgrounds and splashes of colour featured, the garments aren’t overshadowed and still stand out. Now that’s impressive.

What’s also nice about Yayer’s LookBook is that their models are normal looking. That is to say healthy looking instead of scarily skinny. And minus the haunting, hollow cheekbones seen on so many supermodels today. Normal and healthy is good. Yes, the models used are still insanely pretty, but their “normalcy” works here. It means that our attention is on the clothes – not on the how-do-they-do-it? beauty of the models.

Right, I have blabbered on for long enough about my love for Yayer. I feel that I must share the beauty that is their collection with you all so you can see for yourselves. Here are my favourite items currently on the website:

 This is the perfect day to night transition piece.
I would wear it with shorts during the day and a dress underneath for a night out.
I would clinch it in at the waist with a belt and team with wedges.

This dress is just perfect for lazy, summer days spent in the park.
I can imagine myself wearing this to a picnic with friends.
I would wrap a shawl around my shoulders once night fell.

Another great transitional piece for spring / autumn
where it's a bit chilly, but not cold enough for a coat.
I would team this with a long turquoise necklace for a splash of colour.
And maybe some feathers to play up the tribal / native style.

A cape / shawl like this would be perfect for the picnic I alluded to earlier.
The wine colour is divine and it looks perfect styled with relaxed, boho style hair.
Again, I would incorporate some turquoise for a bit of colour contrast.

Some pieces have sold out but that’s to be expected really. After all, the styling on their website is done to perfection. Slouchy, chunky knits teamed with shorts, tights and the oh-so-hot-right-now hat of the moment. There’s no faulting it. With gorgeous garments like these on offer, I’m not surprised that they sell out quickly.

But don’t just take my word for it – check out the website for yourselves. For a gorgeous selection of modern and vintage pieces, visit:

You can also find Yayer on Facebook and Twitter.

...I have recently just joined Twitter myself. Come find me: Lucy_Angele

What do you think of Yayer?

Thursday, 24 March 2011


A recent trip to the Science Museum in London inspired this post. Round about the time my batteries were running low (I was in dire need of some caffeine!), I came across an exhibition about eco fashion, which really got me thinking about what I wear and how it has repercussions on both the environment and the working conditions of those who work within the fashion industry.

This exhibition opened my eyes to alternative materials, colourants and ways of producing clothing that are far more environmentally friendly.

On display:

This dress made from old recycled Metro newspapers.

The skirt layers of this dress are made from ‘bioplastics’ which come from plant sugar(s).

This black dress is composed of nettle fibres (yes, the stinging kind) as they 
are stronger than cotton and apparently just as soft. Nettles grow well in 
the UK (they don’t need much) so they are a good source to use.

This shimmery dress uses a fabric called Morphotex which imitates the
 reflective nature of Morpho butterfly wings. This fabric reflects light and 
creates this  lovely shimmery colour without the need for dyes 
– which is a lot better for the environment.

How eco friendly are you?

Lots of people play their part by recycling, washing their clothes at a lower temperature and so on - but it’s never enough. There is so much more we can do to help. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Don’t bin your clothes if they are still in wearable condition. Hand them down to others so the clothes get as much wear as possible.

  • And for the very same reason, buy second hand / vintage pieces. I love owning something that I know has a bit of history to it.

  • Don’t just throw out your clothes if they are ripped / holey. Transform them into something wearable. Old jeans can be cut into cute little denim shorts and given a new lease of life.

  • Buy ethical or organic clothing where you can (if you can afford to do so). Some of you may know about Free People (Emma Watson has done some modelling for them and they feature on sites such as They have some lovely eco and vintage pieces that I’d love to own but for me personally, they are completely out of my price range. Ignoring this for just a moment (I can dream!), here are some of my favourite items from Free People:

 Trimmed Edges Eyelet Top - £78.32 

 Lace Cropped Kaftan - £139.51

 Eyelet Scalloped Shorts - £53.85

 New Romantics Cala Luna Tunic - £78.32

 Vintage Victorian Long Sleeve Shrug - £200.70

I love the floaty, relaxed nature of the fabrics. I can visualise wearing these on a hot sticky summer’s day, sitting on a beach somewhere, digging my toes into the sand. Accessorized with sunnies and a huge floppy hat, of course.

However caring for the environment needn’t be so expensive. 
There are cheaper alternatives where eco-fashion is a lot more accessible.

This has been demonstrated perfectly by Natalie Portman recently. 
For a pre-Oscar party she wore this incredible dress:

 Source here

Was this a designer’s dress? No. Believe it or not, this is actually a dress from H&M’s eco-fashion range called the Conscious Collection. Expensive? No. At least I find £29.99 for a dress is nothing compared to the £75+ that you may be expected to pay for an eco-friendly top elsewhere. Check out H&M’s Conscious Collection + price list here.

I love their scallop shorts:
 They are recycled polyester and at £12.99, they are more than affordable.

 Eco-fashion can be costly but we have to bear in mind the following:
  • Eco / organic materials can cost more

  • These materials are meant to be better quality and have a longer life span

  • They are usually not mass-produced like most high street clothing

  • If they are made locally rather than overseas, the production process costs more

I am willing to pay a little bit more for clothing that has come from an environmentally friendly source, where the workers aren’t exploited and work in good conditions. However being a graduate with a student loan to pay off, I do have my limits.

What do you think about eco-fashion? Is it too expensive?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

This morning I woke up to a lovely little surprise - Fran from Nicole Richie Anonymous had awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much for this, Fran :)

When you receive the award you need to say seven things about yourself and pass the award onto seven blogs that you enjoy. So here goes...

Seven Things:

I am a shoe-a-holic and I have too many shoes. I dare not count them in fear that I’ll be in for a bit of a shock! You know you have a problem when you buy several pairs of shoes that all look exactly the same:

I don’t wear make-up. Well… I only wear eye liner and mascara. I haven’t used foundation or blusher or anything on my skin since I was at school. As a teen I had terrible skin and I used to hide under make-up. As soon as I gave up make-up, my skin completely cleared up - so that was it for me. I also had the “which shade?” dilemma. I am so deadly pale, every foundation or concealer I ever used looked orange on me. So nowadays I remain pale and ghost-like – unless I go away on holiday that is!

I love cats. I have four and I’m fast becoming known as “the cat lady” amongst my friends.

I am a tad obsessed with eBay. I am forever selling away my life on there. The slightest hint of a free listing day, and I will jump at the chance! This weekend I listed 36 items – no joke!
I was very nearly a runner for Simon Cowell once. But I had to turn it down as I was studying at the time and had too many major deadlines approaching. To this day I still wonder; what if?

I have recently been saddened by the disappearance of Lauren (Noir Nouvelle) from Blogger. Her blog was one of my absolute favourites and she was such an inspiration to myself and lots of others. Recently some people noticed that some very distinctive aspects of her blog were turning up on other blogs. I know that Lauren was very upset by this as she put a lot of time and money into her blog. Myself and other readers of Lauren's blog were furious at the copycats for upsetting her like this and not even having the decency to apologise or ask her permission before copying parts of her blog. I’ll be even more disgusted with these individuals if I learnt that they were the reason that Noir Nouvelle ceases to exist. Wherever Lauren is now, I hope that she is ok.

And the seventh thing? Talking about me just seems so inappropriate the moment what with has gone on in Christ Church and Japan lately. I know people in both places and thankfully they are all safe. My hearts goes out to all those affected and their families.

Seven Blogs:

Noir Nouvelle – even though Noir Nouvelle seems to be no more, I’m sending this to Lauren anyway as she really does deserve an award.

LUCYJOURNALS – No, there is no name bias here (I am a Lucy too). Lucy at LUCYJOURNALS has the most incredible style and I am very  jealous of her (mainly) Topshop filled wardrobe. Her blog posts are always very entertaining and bring a smile to my face.

Heads Over Heels – I really admire Charlottte’s use of layering in her outfit posts – she gets 
it right every time. She IS the Queen of layering.

Two Eyes In The Mirror – Ashley not only features stunning outfit posts in stunning locations, but she is also super friendly. Her writing is friendly, witty, personal and a joy to read.

Bits and Bobs – Helen’s blog is so versatile and really deserves this award. As well as outfit posts and keeping us to up to date with her life, she also writes the most incredible film reviews.

LUCYBOOTS – Another Lucy! I have only discovered LUCYBOOTS recently and already I have serious hair envy! I love the chatty, personal way in which she writes.

Glitter, Tears and Trauma – Another recent find! Suzi is an absolute stunner and has the cutest blog. I’m so jealous of her new car!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate…

… tastes like chocolate never tasted before.

Firstly my apologies to all those who have given up chocolate for Lent. This post is going to be quite a chocolately one so feel free to avert your eyes if you wish!

The other day it was my boyfriend’s birthday and since he loves his chocolate, I thought a birthday trip to Cadbury World was in order! Once we got to Birmingham we had to change trains to reach – no joke! – Bourneville Station:

The station was all purple and Cadbury-esque as you can see.

Whilst in chocolate heaven, we got to sample lots of the sweet stuff and received some freebies to take home with us. I’m now officially a Fatty McFat Fat.

Chocolate haul

Liquid chocolate concoction + biscuits 

As well as traditional Cadbury bars, they also made other things. 
I fell in love with their chocolate stilettos:

I did intend on buying one – although more for presentation purposes, I must admit! But alas, they were ridiculously priced for such a small amount of chocolate / shoe. Instead I treated myself to a tote:

Our time in Brum was short and sweet. We didn’t have an awful lot of time to explore post-Cadbury World, but we did manage to make the most of Forever 21 before we left (we don’t have one in London, you see… deprived much??). I didn’t risk buying any clothes as I suffer from terrible buyer’s remorse and Birmingham is a long way to go for the sake of a return…

Forever 21 haul:

Loving teal at the moment!

Couldn’t resist this bunny ring

 Love both domestic + wild cats, so had to have this!

I grabbed the very last one and am so glad I did 
because they don’t sell them online.

Just before our train home, we tried out Jamie’s Italian for the first time:

We had the bread selection with oils and balsamic vinegar, breaded mushrooms and then had a pasta main each (a friend had recommended their home-made pasta). Food wise, we were quite disappointed. We feel like there are far cheaper places to eat with nicer tasting food.

To finish, I’m going to leave you with some amusing quotes about chocolate - enjoy!

  • If chocolate is the answer, the question is irrelevant.
  • If you've got melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly.
  • Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays.
  • Put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done.
  • Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get - Forrest Gump

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Till we see the sun, march on

Yes, I did just quote a Good Charlotte song. Why not? It’s a good tune. Plus it seemed the obvious choice what with it being sunny and the month of March. This sudden – and may I add welcome – glimpse of sun has put me in the mood for light, floaty attire and not to mention, my need to channel my current affinity with sheer blouses. 

Seeing Tyra wearing a gorgeous example of a shirt on the latest cycle of ANTM has done nothing to curb this obsession of mine:

How beautiful is that colour? And don’t even get me started on the shoes…

This week I’ve been…
  • Having a chocolate fest
Magic Stars, MaltEaster bunnies and Mikado sticks are what make the world go round!

  • Loving More magazine’s new look
It’s made me fall in love with More even more (if that’s even possible!)

  • Experimenting with Barry M's Instant Nail Effects
I paired mine with this lovely mint colour that I received for Christmas. Love it – even though my nails remind me a little bit of circuit boards…

  • Eating sushi
There’s a great Japanese place nearby that does a lunch time offer for about £5. Salad and rice comes with every meal but you get to choose what protein and sushi rolls you want. And the choice of Japanese tea or Miso soup. I had the soup, cucumber rolls and teriyaki salmon. Nom nom.

  • Eagerly anticipating the release of Chalet Girl next week
It looks really funny and has some great names in it (Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey and Ed Westwick…er, HELLO!)

 (Video courtesy of YouTube)

In news, I was invited to be part of some Market Research in central London today. It was a paid survey on looking for jobs (something that I know only too well!). Although the money was good, I feared for its life. Having Topshop and New Look nearby meant that my earnings could potentially be in jeopardy. Particularly with my current sheer shirts / blouses obsession.

I turned up on time but was sent home. Why? Because the survey was over subscribed. Under normal circumstances, I’d be majorly peeved about the time and money it took to travel there. But being paid the envelope of cash I was expecting any way (despite not being needed) was very nice indeed. Was in and out within 5 minutes – instead of the 2 hours I was expecting. A lovely end to the day.

And I may have popped into New Look briefly… where I may have bought a sheer blouse…

 I am terrible.

Friday, 4 March 2011

London Fashion Week A/W 11

Firstly many thanks for all your get well wishes. I am starting to feel human again which is nice. I realise London Fashion Week is over now and that this post may be seen as “old news” but whilst I was bedridden, I followed as much of it as possible online and I just had to share my favourite pieces with you. My favourites this time round include:

Jena Theo

I love the super hero mask look – it makes the collection so edgy and “in your face”. I also have serious hair envy – I love the relaxed, boho vibe that the hair stylists created on the models. There is something quite animalistic about this collection and I adore the drama and the dark colour palette used. I live in capes / shawls and Jena Theo’s cover ups just look so comfortable and practical for everyday life. And this is an achievement in itself, as not everything seen on the catwalk is practical for us mere mortals.  

Matthew Williamson

I am a girl who worships Aztec print and Matthew Williamson’s use of colour for his dresses is just incredible. His blue version would go with the turquoise jewellery du moment to perfection. And the coral Aztec dress is so inspiring that it would break even me - of all people - out of my dark colours style rut (I live for black clothing). And how cute is the jacket? I love the use of lines and I can imagine it flowing in the breeze with every step I take.

Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide have a real tribal feel to their collection featuring vibrant orange hues that are trending and oh-so-hot right now. I am seriously smitten with the patterns on show – I would love a poncho / bed jacket / cape like this. I am in love with the burnt orange / rust / not sure what to call it / colour that was prominently featured. It’s not a colour that I’ve worn before, but I’d love to own those shorts and that one shoulder knit dress.

Temperley London

My absolute favourite. But then I’ve always been a big fan of Temperley. I love this collection as it looks so wearable – I can actually see myself wearing most of it (if only I had the money!!). Bear witness to flowing, silky fabrics (gotta love that champagne coloured dress!) and the intricate attention to detail of the embellishment combined with sheer fabrics. My favourite piece? It’s a difficult choice… But I am crazy about the white belted dress.

So, what’s new in my life?
  • My cape / poncho obsession has reached a whole new level. I bought not one but three this week from H&M. Awful.
  • Tesco now officially hates me. I spent £2.04 on a magazine and some chocolate and paid them with a single pound coin and the rest of it in two pence pieces. My purse is happier and much lighter for it though.