Thursday, 26 July 2012

REDROCK style challenge

REDROCK are currently hosting a competition where bloggers can select one or more items from their website or their collection via ASOS marketplace, and all you have to do is say how you would style it / them. You can read more about the competition via their blog post here.

The item I have picked is this gorgeous floral print dress which retails at £44.99 on ASOS Marketplace. The sleeves, interesting neckline and respectable skirt length would make this dress the perfect addition to my work wardrobe (an area that I struggle with greatly). REDROCK's Jemima dress already looks amazing how it is but in order to add my own Lucy inspired twist to it, I would style it with the following items:

I would roll the sleeves of the dress up and wear a fitted denim shirt on top – open - as a cover up. To give the dress an alternative look, I would tuck the neckline in and wear a chunky statement necklace (as above) or a lace collar like one of these:

Shoe wise, I would wear with black cut out wedges – because you can never go wrong with wedges! – or with wellies for festival chic. As well as being a festival friendly sort of outfit, I would happily wear this to a beer garden to hang out with friends. And with chilly summer evenings, the denim shirt could be buttoned up transforming the dress into a skirt – the possibilities are endless!

REDROCK are only a recent discovery of mine but I’m already planning my first order. The High Street really hasn’t inspired me as of late but REDROCK has some really eye catching items ranging from bright tie dye prints to fringing, studs and spikes. Their website is well worth a look - you can find REDROCK here.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

London Zoo presents... Zoo Lates

In London, Fridays in June and July can only mean one thing… Zoo Lates! This is the time of year when London Zoo opens its doors after hours to the public. As the name suggests, all the animal enclosures stay open a bit longer but there are also other things to see and do.

There is improv comedy like that of Fast and Loose, cabaret, food and drink galore and a silent disco where you don a pair of headphones and can dance away to your heart’s content without offending the animals.

There were plenty of opportunities to buy animal onesies, masks or get your face painted. At first it was quite odd to see a tiger walking around… but you soon got used to it! As the evening went on, the majority of people transformed into animals one way or another. I’m sure that alcohol played a big part in most cases!

I’d warn anyone going that food and drink can be quite expensive and really add up, so make sure you bring enough cash. Beer or wine (barely a glassful) was £4+.

And any bottles were plastic rather than glass.

Prices aside, I couldn’t fault the wide choice of food. You could have fish & chips, curry, sushi, Ghanaian food, paella… There was so much choice it was daunting. We had to make the circuit several times before being able to decide. 

In the end, we were insensitive and went for ostrich and buffalo burgers:

Buffalo with mustard and cheese

Ostrich and onions

I was tempted by the unusual, sickly sounding milkshakes on offer:

Paying extra £££ would give you an added shot of Baileys or vodka. Instead we were happy enough with free beer samples that came in dinky little glasses:

… and the cupcakes stall (this goes without saying):

Baileys cupcake

Berry gorgeousness

Despite the rain, the animals hadn’t lost their spirits. Most of them were outside. Even the gorillas. Drinks in hand, we watched the penguins being fed...

...then retreated into the aquarium when the rain got silly. Underwater life fascinates me. I love the colours of the sea bed and how different the light is:

Can you spot the teeny star fish?

To sum it all up, I really enjoyed Zoo Lates and will definitely be going back again next summer. There was a really relaxed, festival sort of vibe to it. My only criticism is that it was very commercial. It was all quite expensive and was less about the animals. It was so packed it was hard to actually see certain animals like the big cats. If you’re going for animal sighting purposes, I would suggest you go to London Zoo on a regular day.

And if you’re conflicted about zoos and the whole animals being caged up dealio, an event like this may be a way to dip your toes in the water so to speak, and to inspect their living conditions for yourself. While London Zoo’s admission prices absolutely kill me, I like to think that the money is going towards a good cause and helping with all the conservation work that they do. Tickets for Zoo Lates need to be bought in advance – you can’t get on the door. We saw quite a few people without tickets being turned away. Also, this is 18+ event FYI.

Have you ever been to Zoo Lates?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blogger’s Picnic - 21st July

It’s mere days until the Bloggers Picnic here in London and “excited” is an understatement! Having never been to a blogger event before, I am pretty damn excitable J

The word "picnic" for me evokes wicker picnic baskets, cute crockery and dainty cupcakes. I can’t help but think that with the current state of weather, it’ll be more like this:

We’ll need thermoses of hot drinks and umbrellas at the ready me thinks!

Over the next few days, I will be contemplating what to bring and the difficult one: what to wear! Obviously I will bring cake. That is a given.

Not sure what the plans are for later in the afternoon / evening, but if anyone wants to do a spot of shopping / wander around London for a bit / get dinner and cocktails, please feel free to join me -- might as well make a day of it!

Haven’t really heard much in the way of updates for Saturday so hopefully it’ll still go ahead despite the crappy weather! The hashtag for all Twitter updates is #bloggerspicnic and there’s even a Twitter account for the event: @bloggerspicnic

Are you going to be there on Saturday?

If so, I look forward to meeting you! J

Friday, 6 July 2012

Forgive me, for I have sinned

Somebody please take my card away from me. Save me. The sales are too tempting. I am ever the sales sceptic (they’re usually rubbish) but this time around I have actually been really impressed with what the High Street has to offer.

Here, have a nose of my recent naughtiness:
ASOS bag: This bag caught my eye ages ago as it is so me (I get through a disgusting amount of cake). I was never going to pay £50 for it though so the 50% discount is a nice touch!

River Island men’s sweater: It’s way too big on me and I don’t care. It’s warm. It’s fleecy inside. It has galaxy print AND a dip dye effect. SCORE.

River Island shorts: After seeing Giselle’s post on DIY dip dye shorts, I’ve been keen to do some DIY of my own. However I spotted these shorts in the sale and took the easy way out! They will really spice up some of my black items of clothing.

ASOS shoes: I loved all these when they were full price… but £60 for a pair of shoes?! Honestly! Now these prices have been slashed, I am breaking my flatform virginity and braving these scarily high looking wedges.

Illustrated People blue glass tee: The pattern is dreamy and blue being my favourite colour meant that it was a no brainer!

River Island dress: Drop waist dresses don’t really suit me as I already have quite a long torso so they don’t do me any favours! I couldn’t resist this print though. The dress itself is so light – perfect for hot weather (if we ever see any in the UK!!)

River Island lace blazer: Hands up, I have blazer prejudice. I like them short and well cut. Something about this long line one called out to me. I’m guessing it was the lace… *lace fan girl right here!* Words cannot describe how amazing this looks worn. This will also be perfect for weddings and other formal occasions.

So there you have it. I have sinned. A lot. 

But as Jean-Paul Sartre said:

“If I satiate my desires, I sin but I deliver myself from them; if I refuse to satisfy them, they infect the whole soul”.

Good old Sartre!

What are your sins / guilty pleasures?