Thursday, 28 February 2013

#4 Life as we know it

Just a little update of some of the things I've been up to over the last couple of weeks. On Valentine's Day the most beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered to me. I have no idea what type of the flowers they are, but the mix of blue and purple pigments are breath-taking. They have lasted well and are currently the pride of my room

A group of us went to TGI Fridays for cocktails, milkshakes and lots of meaty goodness covered in Jack Daniels:

After a few more cocktails, we went to the local Krispy Kreme cafĂ©. I don't eat doughnuts so just a hot drink for me!

Whenever I go out, I'll order ribs 95.9% of the time. Ribs can be quite pricey - I've seen some places charge as much as £16 for them and it seems quite extreme when they don't have an awful lot of meat on them! I discovered recently that Waitrose sell a whole rack of ribs for £5.99 and damn is it tasty! The glaze has an assortment of the usual spices / seasonings but also contains tomatoes and.... vodka. I don't think any other ribs will ever be able to compete!

I had quite a serious health scare over the last month or so and during this time my appetite has been non existent. At one point I was living on half a piece of toast a day which horrified me. I'm gradually getting back into the swing of things (as you can see from all of the above!). So what better excuse for some sushi loveliness? I had pumpkin korokke, beef kushiyaki and avocado hosomaki with copious amounts of green tea

Tonight I'm staying in and having a cat nap or two to catch up on some zzzz's as I haven't had a night in in ages! This weekend will involve good wine, good company, many a film and I'm hoping to bake a massive red velvet cake.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week guys!

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Fashion Week A/W 13 highlights

London Fashion Week officially came to a close this week. Whenever next season is showcased it can feel a little odd as usually the current weather conditions rarely match that of next season (we're meant to be entering into S/S 13 for gawd's sake!) But as London has been so bitterly cold lately, seeing the A/W 2013 collections has been really inspirational about how to dress during the big freeze. These shows were my favourites:

Julien Macdonald

Julien's collection rendered me speechless. All the glitz satisfied my inner magpie. The mixture of textures kept his creations fresh, and the cut of his dresses... incredible - he really understands the female form and how to dress it.

Burberry Prosum

Burberry for me is always coat heaven. The sand coloured coat with the stud detailing to the lower skirt? I NEED IN MY LIFE. Fingers crossed, the likes of Topshop and Zara will come up with an affordable dupe!

Felder Felder

Their ox blood colour palette? SWOON. Never before would I have considered wet look trousers in this colour but now it's all I'm thinking about. Although admittedly I would pair this with black / white / grey rather than going out head-to-toe in it. Also coveting their knitwear, beautifully patterned dresses and long cape-like pieces full of movement.


My favourite pieces from the collection were adorned with gold embellishment. They had such an elegance on the catwalk and the matching cover up was the ultimate trophy jacket. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

Temperley London

Temperley can do no wrong in my eyes. Time and time again their collections are lady like, elegant and timeless. I am never disappointed. I can but dream of owning these four dresses:

Which was your favourite collection?

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** Image credit: London Fashion Week website **

Friday, 15 February 2013

Last chance for 10% off at ASOS!

When I found out that ASOS were offering a discount code for a limited time only in collaboration with Valentine's Day, it was happy days. ASOS discount codes are increasingly rare these days so whenever I see one, I'm on it! Armed with some very generous ASOS vouchers I received for Christmas, the discount code was put to good use:

I saw this amazing print and I was SOLD. Anything with Baroque print is fine by me. I'll be wearing this with my black blazer or layering to transform it into a mini skirt or to create a contrast sleeves look. It's just such a versatile piece - the possibilities are endless. I don't usually go for swing / smock dresses so fingers crossed this isn't a tent!

Skinny jeans with Baroque flocking - £15 (sale) - £13.50

Jeans wise, I usually go for normal blue denim or black. One of my best friends says I have colour issues. Apparently I need to step away from black and invest in some actual colour. I thought these jeans were a good start to introducing colour into my wardrobe. The flocked pattern is really interesting and reminds me of the trousers Zara sells - but at a fraction of the price. These beauts were already on sale but with an extra 10% off, I didn't think twice.

Thigh highs - £5 - £4.50

I live in thigh highs so thought it was worth investing in a couple more pairs!

Right now you're thinking: Lucy, why on earth did you order joggers?! I'm still a little baffled as to why. But I think it was the print that sold me. I'm not too keen on the waist band / draw string area so I'll cover these with an over-sized tee. Really want to get some Nike Liberty X hi-tops to tuck these bad boys into. It's sports luxe, dah-ling. 

Boyfriend cardigan - £40 - £36

Remember that time where everyone had or wanted a thick arran knit cream cardigan? I think stores like New Look did them in other colours too. I liked them, but couldn't jump on that bandwagon as I'm pale and cream / white washes me out. I love grey. I love salt and pepper speckle knits. So this ASOS cardigan was love in knitted form. 

I saw these heels featured in More magazine recently and I loved the elegance of the ankle strap paired with the edginess of the stud detailing. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear these with bare legs!

To get in on the action use the discount code: VALENTINE10 for 10% off at ASOS
Ends at 11:59pm tonight so get your skates on! :)

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lingerie and fun times

On Valentine's Day I'm not all that fussed about going out. Restaurants charge oh-no-they-didn't sort of prices - because they can - and there's no escaping all the pink, heart infested decorations gracing littering window displays across the city. To me, the perfect Valentine's evening is a night in - just the two of you. Cook something special that you wouldn't usually cook and when it all goes tits up, you can always blame it on that bottle of red you've cracked open. The wine did it. You being tipsy and lacking co-ordination had nothing to do with it.

Drink wine together. Eat. Laugh at the "food" you made. Keep sharing that bottle of red. Get into bed. Stick a film on. Keep drinking. Ignore the film and spend rest of the evening together in bed. Oh and wear nice lingerie. 

Want to spice up the evening?
Ann Summers
Agent Provocateur

If he makes the effort and makes you feel special, then it's only fair that you make him feel special too ;)

What's your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day?

Friday, 8 February 2013

How you know if he's a keeper

A little while ago I posted about the subject of love. I'm all for relationships. I know the very thought of them - or any other form of commitment - horrifies some men and I honestly can't understand why. Guys like that need to get a grip. I love date nights. The thrill of dressing up and catching his admiring gaze. That naughty little smirk he gives you. How he takes your hand and puts his arm around you in public, not caring who sees. Gawd only knows when my next date night will be. Soon one hopes. If there's ever a remedy for a crappy week, it's a date night.

I thought I'd do a similar themed post ready in time for Valentine's Day. 
The theme this time being... how you know if he's a keeper:

Amusingly enough I know how this would work the other way round. If men were posed the question "how do you know if she's a keeper?" the answer would blatantly involve sex in some shape or form. *le sigh* Or something along the lines of "she can cook a mean curry / chilli con carne / chicken katsu / lasagne" [delete as appropriate]

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