Friday 8 February 2013

How you know if he's a keeper

A little while ago I posted about the subject of love. I'm all for relationships. I know the very thought of them - or any other form of commitment - horrifies some men and I honestly can't understand why. Guys like that need to get a grip. I love date nights. The thrill of dressing up and catching his admiring gaze. That naughty little smirk he gives you. How he takes your hand and puts his arm around you in public, not caring who sees. Gawd only knows when my next date night will be. Soon one hopes. If there's ever a remedy for a crappy week, it's a date night.

I thought I'd do a similar themed post ready in time for Valentine's Day. 
The theme this time being... how you know if he's a keeper:

Amusingly enough I know how this would work the other way round. If men were posed the question "how do you know if she's a keeper?" the answer would blatantly involve sex in some shape or form. *sigh* Or something along the lines of "she can cook a mean curry / chilli con carne / chicken katsu" [delete as appropriate]. And for the record, I can cook a mean chicken katsu.

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  1. this is so sweet i love this :) so romantic!

  2. Awwww this is just so cute and sweet! Love it!

    Rhiannon x

    1. Thanks Rhiannon! I'm wayyyy too sentimental for my own good! x x

  3. you forgot when he doesnt run at the first hint of trouble, ie sticks by you at your worst times.

    1. Good one to add!

      "When he's there for you in your most difficult hour"

      Let's hope this is true! x x

  4. 'give you their hoodie' - the little things and sweet gestures awww :)


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