Tuesday 12 August 2014

#11 Life as we know it

Long time no see... So what's happened since last time? I left my job. It was something that was on the cards for a very long time. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it all, but it was a company that treated its employees appallingly. Wanting out, I'd been going to interviews for over a year but wasn't getting anywhere. It really eats you up. Knowing you have so much to give and nowhere will take you. Meaning you have to remain in a role that is exploitative and all take take take. It's soul destroying. But then I was recommended for a role by an ex colleague and I was inMy first week felt like a dream. It all happened so quickly. After my first day, I got home, got straight into bed and pulled the duvet over my head. Not because I was stressed. Not because I was broken. But purely because I was so over-whelmed. I haven't been this happy in a very long time.

In my first week I learnt that we get decent views of the red carpet for London film premieres from our window. On my second day I got to see the Expendables 3 premiere. Stallone and co waved up at us and Wesley Snipes danced a funny little dance. So if you're ever in London and want to celebrity spot at a particular film opening, you know who to call! ;)

The second highlight of week one was bumping into Bradley Cooper one morning. He was filming a movie outside our office and I had no idea it was him to start with, even though I was literally inches away from him. Then a crazy fan jumped in front of me, screaming his name, and THEN I realised who it was. Camera crew pulled us passers-by to one side whilst they filmed a chase scene. Epic.

After a busy first week of work and some pretty heavy post-work drinks, I was absolutely knackered. I needed a lazy weekend. On Sunday I ventured out to watch The Inbetweeners 2 and avoided the downpour in the local Frankie & Benny's:

Pancakes with bacon AND maple syrup were a first for me. In all honesty, I didn't think it would work. But do you know what? They weren't bad. A bit sweet for me personally, but definitely something I'd have again. And in typical Lucy style, no breakfast is complete without hash browns ;) Frankie & Benny's doesn't have any mention of hot chocolate on their menu but if you go and are partial to chocolate, ask for one! Topped with a generous dollop of cream and maltesers, you'll be in hot drink heaven!

Back tracking a bit... my ex-colleagues gave me a lovely send-off on my last Friday. The company gave me permission to leave work at lunch time and not come back (woo!) so we went to Meat Liquor for epic burgers and wine in jam jars:

I received an enormous bag of gifts from everyone and the silver glitter got EVERYWHERE. Stu left his bag next to mine under the table and wasn't impressed with his new glittery bag when it was home time!

I was really touched by the amount of people who came to the pub that night to see me off. We stayed until closing time and knew it was high time to leave when my (ex) boss split my recently bought drink all over the place...

I miss them all so much. I spent nearly three years there so it was a massive part of my life post-university. But now it's time for a new chapter. Please bear with me whilst I'm settling in at my new place. Blogging will return to normal soon enough I promise! 


  1. Glad you got a new job and that you are so much happier. I am jealous about you seeing Bradley Cooper! Was he as good looking in the flesh? Have fun settling in and just relax in a bubble bath, sounds like you deserve it

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda

    1. Oh he most certainly was! ;) I took your advice with some Champneys bath milk I had leftover. I'm usually more of a shower person, but I was pleasantly surprised! None of this getting bored of laying there like when I was younger - I can appreciate that baths are relaxing now! My weeks are definitely going to include both going forward! Revelation! x x

  2. oooh i really want a massive hot chocolate now! the food looks amazing too, i'll have to get myself to london just to try it haha

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. win raybans and a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here

    1. Think they have them all over the UK? It's a chain!


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