Friday 15 August 2014

Hello handsome

As much as I love fashion, these days I am increasingly drawn to homeware. I'm in nestling mode it seems. Always striving to make a house a home, and prematurely stocking up on everything I need ready for when I move. "Need" being open to interpretation... My candle obsession is still in full swing, but now I'm eyeing cushions, bedding, throws, kitchen utensils and everything in-between.

My most recent discovery were these mugs from Next:

How cute are they?! Plus it's rather nice being complimented each morning ;)

Next is my one of my favourite places for homeware. I have already chosen out my future dining room chairs. Keen much?

Anyway back to the mugs... Very generously sized and priced £7 for two, they were brilliant value for money. And perfect for huge mugs of hot chocolate. Which is my life in a nutshell. 

On this occasion they were filled with Oreo hot chocolate which I brought back from my recent trip to France. Microwave friendly AND dishwasher proof, they tick all the right boxes. Plus you can never have too many cups in your life!

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  1. We used to have mugs like these from Wilkinsons ages ago but they have died a death and I've never seen any since. I might have to get them for when we move as they are just so cute x


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