Friday 29 August 2014

Autumn / winter staple: The camel coat

Words cannot express the frustration of loving something so much, and then the futility of not being able to find it ANYWHERE.

Which is exactly what I experienced with a coat from River Island.

It graced the pages of magazines, and distracted me at bus stops nearly making me miss the bus on several occasions... It was constantly taunting me. You want me. You want me so badly. And yet you cannot have me... 

... Because I couldn't find the damn thing any where.

I was ready to give up. Or at least maybe consider contacting River Island to enquire if the coat was in fact real or if it was about as mythical as a unicorn. Then yesterday morning I struck gold. I went onto the website and found it in the New In section.

At £110, it isn't the cheapest of coats on the British high street - but it's well worth the investment as it's a timeless piece that I will get so much wear out of over the years. After work I swiftly went online and snapped one up sooner than you can say "camel".

I had been frantically Googling "camel coat" and stalking eBay for the longest time. But now the search is over. Googling those two little words always filled me with an urgency to find said coat. I dare you to scroll through the next few images and not feel the same way...

And the River Island coat in question...

FINALLY a camel coat that hasn't sold out before I've managed to get my mitts on it! REVELATION.

Have you bought into the sandy coloured coat trend yet?


  1. I am the most pickiest person when it comes to winter coats. I always pick something that has pockets and can fit thick wooly jumpers underneath. I'm not sure if I would pick this only because it feels so grown up to me but it really does look nice on all the models.

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda

    1. It's very different to what I usually go for, but I love the colour so thought it was worth a try :) You're spot on with regards to wooly jumpers - I can't bear it when I layer up in winter and the arms and shoulders of the coat feel too tight... not cool! x x

  2. That girl in the first pic with the beanie and Converse has the most perfect camel coat everrrr. I got one from Topshop this year and I love the shape but I think the colour may be too yellowy (so picky!) I might eBay it and get this gorgeous one from M&S that I've seen, it's just perfect. Love your RI one x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Hey Lucy,

    I bought the River Island coat, and wore it once. I now no longer want to. You can buy mine for £95 if you want it.

    email me @ thanks xx


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