Wednesday 6 May 2015

Streets of Spain

One of the highlights of being in London this bank holiday weekend was #streetsofspain on the South Bank. A short walk away from Waterloo station, delicious aromas of meats, spices and Campo Viejo wine filled the air. The very experience of being there reminded me of the La Boqueria market in Barcelona and lots of lovely memories came flooding back. As the sun came out and the temperatures crept up, we craved ice cold beverages. The sangria, although mostly ice, did the job.

We browsed the different stalls, seeing what was on offer.

To give you an idea of how busy it got...

The longest queue was for the chorizo and rocket sandwiches, so instead we queued for paella... which wasn't much better. There was a choice of chicken paella (chicken leg, thyme, saffron, runner beans and butter beans) or seafood paella (two types of mussels, king prawns, peas, peppers and saffron). Both cooked in vast quantities:

It had to be the seafood paella. We queued for what seemed like a lifetime... but it was worth it!

I love events like this and can't wait for the next foodie event to hit London. There was a Malaysian food market at the South Bank over the weekend too - I didn't have a chance (or space in my belly!) to try anything, but it all smelt pretty damn amazing!

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