Saturday 16 May 2015

The perfect Little Black Dress

What makes the perfect Little Black Dress? Maxi, midi or mini? Body con or a looser fit? Long sleeves, short sleeves, spaghetti straps or strapless? I have my own ideas about what constitutes the perfect LBD, but never did I expect to say body con. This sort of dress says to me... office worker, bank employee or contestant on The Apprentice. But I stand corrected. Recently House of Fraser very kindly sent me a dress for review purposes. I love a black dress as much as the next person, but body con scares the bejesus out of me. I used to wear these sorts of dresses all the time when I worked in a bank, but that was a good few years ago. Way before I developed an addiction to burgers and along with it, hips the size of a small country. But I remained open minded.

When I received the dress what first struck me was how lovely the material was. When I've worn this sort of style before, it was very much office wear so was tailored, tight material that wasn't very comfortable at all. This dress from their Therapy concession range is light, stretchy, forgiving and definitely not stiff like traditional work wear. What impressed me the most was how flattering a dress it was. It creates curves in the right places and sucks you in at the waist, creating a beautiful silhouette. That morning I expected to try it on, take some outfit pictures, and then change into something else for the rest of the day. But oh the comfort. I ended up wearing the dress all day long.

As the dress fit so well and is so classic, I decided to keep my look relatively simple opting for white heels to keep the look monochrome and only wore simple jewellery so as to make the dress the main focal point.

I always thought these sorts of dresses to be office appropriate only, but the dress was the perfect fit and I felt so unbelievably confident in it (something I never thought to be possible in body con!) that I will definitely be wearing this for social occasions outside of work. In fact I'll be wearing it for a date this weekend - body con for the win!

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