Friday 22 May 2015

Your summer wardrobe sorted

Give me one sunny day and I'm in full blown summer mode. Yesterday it reached 20 degrees Celsius and didn't rain once - this is tropical by London's standards. Along with the excitement of better weather coming our way, also comes the realisation that when it does come, I have absolutely nothing to wear. My London wardrobe is full of jackets, jeans and knits - I'm just not equipped for any sort of heatwave. This had to change. I hunted down some new summer pieces from Missguided which instantly made me feel more summery. Now all we need is for the sun to stay...

Off shoulder dress - £35  //  White lace midi skirt - £35  //  Vintage style floral dress - £25  //  Mint midi skirt - £10

I have a full blown obsession with white at the moment. Be it white lace, white broderie, white shirts, white dresses or white skirts. Something white seems to work itself into every order that I place. Whilst I'm trying to restrain myself on the whole whites thing, I just couldn't resist this beautiful lace midi skirt and off the shoulder cheesecloth dress. Nothing says summer more than white lace. And how beautiful is the mint midi skirt?  For a mere £10, it's an absolute bargain. The floral dress is the perfect festival dress but because of its vintage look and feel, also wouldn't look out of place if you wore it walking around some of the more hipster parts of London!

What are your summer go to pieces?

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