Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's my birthday!

I've had a lovely - if busy - birthday weekend spent with my loved ones. I've been spoilt for choice with food, stayed in the loveliest hotel near London Bridge (review coming soon!) and enjoyed a day off work today (my birthday is actually today!). Blogging will resume later this week when I've had a chance to catch up on sleep and go through all my photos!

Here are a selection from my phone for the time being...

Birthday shoes!

Burgers, cider, and bourbon 'n' vanilla milkshakes at MEATMISSION

Right now I'm en route to dinner with my family which will probably involve ribs or another meat feast of some kind! 

Thank you for all your lovely birthday messages and Tweets so far!


  1. Oh happy Birthday!! I hope you've had a lovely day, your weekend sounds like it was really fun...how good it was a bank holiday for you! Fab choice of birthday shoes too, they're gorgeous x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. High five for you birthday =]


  3. High five right back at ya! Thanks Emma x

  4. Thanks Josie! I love them! Good ol' ASOS! x


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