Saturday 2 May 2015

The ultimate birthday gift guide / wishlist

 Jo Malone candle  //  Diptyque candle  //  rose gold headphones  // straws //  milk bottles
scrabble ring  //  flowers //  yellow courts  //  floral straws and mason jar
pink courts // vouchers //  playing card bag // artwork

My wish list this year is a lot more homeware orientated - whether it be vouchers for my favourite places to buy homeware from, or specific items to decorate my home with, like that lovely terrarium. I am still obsessed by all things copper and rose gold - such as copper storage baskets for the home, and don't even get me started on those rose gold headphones and rose gold make-up brushes. Swoon. As ever, candles remain prominent on my wishlist (you can never go wrong with a candle!). Mango peach salsa are my favourite Yankee Candles - although their newest range which includes pain au raisin and tarte tatin are intriguing. I love mason jars, milk bottles and other kitsch "drink me" type glassware filled with patterned paper straws. Another Alice in Wonderland shout out to that amazing ace of hearts bag which matches my favicon perfectly! Lately I've been a fan of the lady-like shoe - namely embellished ballet pumps and low courts. I never used to do pink and I never used to do colour - so it shows what this ageing malarkey is doing to me(!) Never thought I'd hear myself say this... but how darling are the yellow pair? Oh to have all of these in a UK size 6...

My birthday is a few days away now (Tuesday 5th May if you're interested!). It's always nice having a birthday in early May because of the long weekend you get with the UK bank holiday. Wishing all my UK based readers a lovely long weekend, and everyone outside the UK a lovely weekend too (do let me know what you're up in the comments!)


  1. Great post, i love the straws, im a new follower =]


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