Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Riding House Café

Earlier this week, I headed to The Riding House Café for brunch. I’d been dying to visit ever since I first laid eyes on their breakfast menu online. That morning, snowflakes were falling from the sky and it was bitterly cold. We stepped inside - the warmth being an absolute joy - and were led to seats up at the bar. In no time at all, I had a lovely cup of hot chocolate nestled in-between my hands.

There was an astounding amount of choice and although very tempted by their buttermilk pancakes, I couldn’t resist the idea of chorizo hash browns:

What I still can't get over is how generous the portion sizes were. I expected one or two small-ish hash browns artistically arranged on the plate but as you can see, the hash brown exceeded expectations and in fact filled up most of the plate. Words cannot express just how delicious it was. Pieces of chorizo were scattered throughout the hash brown but the beauty of it was how even if you just had a forkful of potato, those lovely flavours from the chorizo still translated through.

The pairing of the chorizo hash brown with the wilted spinach, mushroom, and poached eggs made for the most incredible marriage of flavours. I’m not usually a fan of poached eggs, but piercing them and watching the yolk bleed into the hash brown? Perfection.

The one thing I loved about The Riding House was how friendly and welcoming the staff were. As it was so cold, I dressed accordingly in my Timberlands and my slouchy cosmic print jumper. I find some shops and restaurants to be quite snooty with you if you dress down a little. The Riding House Café didn’t bat an eyelid and certainly didn’t treat us any differently from any other customer there.

Inside, there is a lovely feel to the place. Usually I would never dream of going for food on my own but with The Riding House, I could easily make an exception. There was a lovely calming atmosphere so I would have no qualms about going for brunch on my own, sitting in a corner with my nose in a book or writing the next installment of my novel. Although their main meals look equally tempting.

Thanks for having me. You will be seeing me again soon.

NB: This is not a sponsored post. I simply enjoyed my experience and wanted to share the love!


  1. How yummy does that look?!Everything looks so yummy and I love the layout of the place. I am one of those people that wouldn't go for food by myself either, even with a baby. I think people would think I look a bit of a mental case sometimes. Glad you enjoyed it

    Rhiannon x

    1. Thanks :) I'm already planning my next visit so I can try their buttermilk pancakes! x x

  2. it deffo sounds amazing! I love how they laid out the food. xx

    1. Pretty neat, huh? An absolute dream for a blogger who likes photographing food! :) x x

  3. Replies
    1. Tasted sooo good, it was definitely a pinch-me-I'm-dreaming kind of moment! x x

  4. mmmm this looks soo lush!
    lovely blog also!!


  5. Ooo, I have to admit in this moment I'm envious of you!

    This looks to die for, I could absolutely use a break like this.

    If you fancy saying hi I'm over at:


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